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The beginning

was actually earlier than 2003, playing and recording guitar since year 2k maybe,
while a guitar appeared in some 1990s, but it was just too big to play
And first electronic sounds was recorded in 2003 july, changing DAWs, finding new sounds, new synths and FXs, experiments, discoveries. was it a windows 98 or XP ? in 2004 had a midi-keyboard to play and it has changed the way of playing. it was AMD cpu and Creative SB, maybe in 2008 changed to E-MU with support of Proteus as a hardware based synth and few more DAWs in bundle. The bug was that it has absolutely the same id as the sound blaster, so it has hardware conflicts because of that. Unive written in aug 2004 later time was played at soma.fm. those old albums needs some work for html5, since they've blocked flash plugin, maybe it is available in archive.org, actually "time flies" and few more guitar and bass-guitar songs was recorded earlier, than those electronic, but just needed time to find it and work with it. There was a chemical-records store and dnb "Jest" track from "Sonar" album sold there once, but decided to move out of stores to be free . that's why joined linux and LMMS suite - "l'ectro space" was made with. but well, get back to Light Editions of Ableton, Sonar, Cubase and Reason after some time, since it was paid with hardware bundles and had synths too, but more VST3 compatible with more synths to use easy, including hardware based, just needed more automation support for those actually. Fruity loops was a first try,  but Reason was better working with midi-keyboard, allowing to use all those knobs and sliders natively with any synth inside, and Ableton has a VST support, but it's also about stability and ease of use. had a Tracktion later time for example, but there was stability issues, so it's better to have some stable DAW and for windows host it was neccesary to have ASIO support with low latencies to play live and high frequencies to render, with some advanced hardware talk between DAW and card and midi. now it's Cakewalk.
it's always like you miss some love, when you go creative,
so it's not like you spread some love - it's your love and it shouldn't be for sale,
but it's the same when you go to work and spend your time (money) for a family.

music published @LandR @ SoundCloud and @ Reverbnation, there's more @ BandCamp, some @ Jamendo and @ Archive.org.
if you'd like to support - bandcamp , spotify , itunes